• welcome to Gwangju Municipal Library
  • Our city opened the first library 'Mudeung Library' (Myeonang Road, Buk-gu) in 1981. Since then, our city has opened and operated Sajik Library (Jaejung Road, Nam-gu; 1989) and Sansu Library (Gyeongyang Road, Dong-gu; 1997).

    In April, 1998, the three libraries were integrated and renamed as City Library.

    Our city libraries have a collection of 553,000 books, 22,000 nonbook materials and 10,000 electronic references to meet the reading needs and provide various knowledges and information for the residents in Jeonnam as well as Gwangju.

  • In addition, [Ubiquitous Library Service Supporting System] is established in Sansu Library and Mudeung Libary for Children to expand the functions and roles of the library in the 21st century. With this system, any citizen who wants to use the library can search, check out and return the books directly on his/her own smart phone. This system was completed and in operation in the end of last year.

  • Our city libraries will make every attempt to shape more comfortable and convenient environment for the establishment of the 'library culture with which citizens feel happy'.

  • Thank you.